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What is this Blog about ?

Welcome to our Audio Mastering Blog !

Here you will find interesting and valuable information from the wide scope of knowledge about Audio Post Production, Music Production, Sound Recording, Audio Mixing and Mastering. There are many articles, which will be very useful for anyone involved in Audio Production or Sound Engineering. Even if you are real professional with years of experience – at least several of our articles will be of your interest!

This place is an extension of Red Mastering Studio main website, supplementing it in lot of technical aspects around Sound Engineering with a focus on Audio Mastering and Mixing.

If you are a beginner, making first steps in area of Audio Production, you will find our /blog an amazing source of practical information.  Good place to start would be reading an article about What Is Audio Mastering ?

Dance Music

More then 80% of the music we provide audio mixing and mastering services for is dance music. If you are dance music producer, looking for professional audio mixing and mastering services – you found your place ! In the article you will find included video clips with examples of dance music mastering. Enjoy!

We analysed questions and issues with which our clients deal when hiring a Mastering Engineer. After several years of collecting data, this blog was created as a main source of information for our potential clients, but not solely for them.

Anyone involved in Music Production will find interesting information related to this subject.

ISRC code

For example, an article about embedding metadata into your records, is one of the most popular, every third client of ours is sent here for exploring the details.

ISRC codes, your royalties, money from your hard work – maybe are not super interesting subject, but crucial to understand and acknowledge, if you are serious about your work and music.

Another article about ‘How to prepare your mix before mastering session?’ is very helpful and beneficial for anyone who send their mixes over to the Mastering Studio.

Questions about how to approach your mix and finally bounce/export it, is the one of the most popular within younger sound engineers.

So please visit us and get informed about Audio Mastering Process, what you could and should expect from final audio master.

DDP Master

What is DDP master and why and when you are going to need that ?  What is Mastering for iTunes MFiT ? and many many more.

You are very welcome to ask questions and make comments on separate articles.

This place was created to help you in delivering great sounding mixes or/and masters, as well as help you with other steps in Music Production process.

Red Mastering Studio team.


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