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What We Do?

Our Professional Mastering Studio specialises in offering high quality mixing and mastering services, which include:-

Professional Audio Mixing
Mix Review
CD Mastering
Stem Mastering
DDP Master/Red Book
Premastering for Vinyl
Mastering for iTunes –MFiT
Other Mixing Services
Affordable Prices

Competitive Rates

Competitive rates and affordable prices for all services (discounts for EP and LP albums)

Affordable Prices

Fast Turnaround

Fast turnaround time and options to choose delivery time suited for a client

Affordable Prices

Job Order

Easy on-line Job Order, application specifically created for our clients

Affordable Prices

Good service

Exceptional customer service, friendly, reliable and fast communication.

Affordable Prices

experienced Engineer

Music mastered by an experienced, committed and skilled Mastering Engineer

Affordable Prices

dedicated room

Acoustically treated dedicated room to create the perfect listening environment

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About our Audio Mastering Engineer
Filip Pietrzykowski

My name is Filip Pietrzykowski and I am the sole mastering engineer at Red Mastering Studio in London UK. I have been mastering audio for many years and prior to that I worked as a producer, recording engineer and mixer.

I mastered almost every music genre you can imagine and I feel comfortable in all of them. I care about your music as much as you do and always do everything in my power to make it sound at its best.

An Insight of our Studio
What Our Clients Say About Us?
  • It was a real pleasure working with Filip, he is not only a professional engineer but also has a really good taste of music! I would definitely recommend the mix review option for everyone who is planning on working at Red Mastering Studio, because small changes in the mix will help with maxing out the full potential of the songs during the mastering processing. In addition, Filip is a very nice guy, he is available online on a daily basis, he is very patient as well in terms of understanding requirements from the clients. He also pays attention to making the clients feel that they get a lifelong positive experience. - Péter Albert

  • It’s such a pleasure to work with an experienced mastering engineer who is serious, professional, passionate and honest with his work which unfortunately, in today’s music industry it’s hard to find someone with all these qualities.
    Working with Filip gave me the reassurance and comfort knowing that he understood what I wanted to achieve as a final product. I would strongly recommend working with Filip at Red Mastering if your serious and you care about your music. I will be working with him again, soon. - Shan (Disrupt Records / Shan Music) - William Shanahan

  • Just had my EP mastered by Filip. The end result was fantastic. He gave everything a nice finish and sheen to all the tracks. Very happy with the end result. I also opted for the mix review and he was able to point out numerous problems that I was able to fix before the mastering stage. Well worth doing if your still new to mixing stuff yourself like me.I'm sure I'll be working with Filip again. Highly recommended. - Martin Hession

  • I have visited Red Mastering Studio on a few occasions and must sat that every time I was treated very professionally.
    Filip is a very honest and knowledgeable man with a lot of priceless experience! Highly recommended in today's era where more and more people claim to be sound engineers or mastering engineers but not too many know their job. Filip certainly knows what he is doing. It's my mastering engineer by choice and I will definitely be coming back! - Tommy Urbanski

  • Great work! I am more than happy with the results. This is not the typical online mastering studio that you send your songs and they return them in hours not caring about what you are searching for. Filip takes care of what the client wants... He won many clients from México. - Carlos Loza

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