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Audio Mastering Samples / Youtube videos

The samples below consist of two tracks. Both tracks have been normalised for fair comparison. The actual difference in loundess between the mix and the master may be much more pronounced.  To make it easier to navigate we created video playlist with all Audio Samples compiled by musical genres, like Urban, Dance Music, Rap, HipHop, House, Deep House, Techno, Tech-House, EDM,  Drum and Bass, Jazz, Acoustic, Soul, Funk, Indie Rock, Folk, Reggae, etc. This is collection of audio samples created by Red Mastering Studio in years 2014-2018, they are most current. Where Audio Mastering samples, are very old, been created in years 2011-2013. They been kept here on purpose, as you can also notice the progress of our Mastering Engineer's skills and work.  Listen to hip hop music masters created 8 or 7 years ago, and compare them to the recent ones. More important is this webpage is continiously upgraded with new mastering samples. If you visited us before you can notice it is still growing. We believe that presenting examples of our work, are great information for our potential Clients. Come back here more often to check the newest music productions audio mastered by Red Mastering Studio. Enjoy listening!

This video contains all samples of music mastering, entire collection. 



Below are playlists/collections of audio samples separated by musical genre



Now finally, we present you entire collection, one by one, all of Audio Mastering Samples created by Red Mastering Studio, London UK

Reggae Music Audio Master
Mastering Audio Folk music
Indie Music Audio Mastering
Audio Mastering Indie Rock Music
Indie Rock Audio Master
Rock Music Mastering Audio
Funk Rock Music Mastering
smooth jazz mastering audio
jazz music audio master
hip hop track audio master
audio mastering folk music
mastering audio hip hop song
audio mastering hip hop song
hip hop audio master
Audio Mastering hip hop track
folk music audio mastering sample
dubstep audio master
audio mastering dance music
dance music mastering audio
audio master EDM music
hip hop audio mastering sample
EDM audio mastering sample
acoustic pop audio master
reggae music audio master
indie rock mastering sample
Audio Mastering Hip Hop Music
audio mastering folk music
US Hip Hop Audio Master
disco funk audio mastering
punk ska audio master
audio mastering rock music
pop music audio master
Hip Hop Music Audio Master
UK Hip Hop Mastering
audio mastering indie rock music
death metal audio master
audio mastering funk music
funky house audio mastering
indie rock audio sample
audio mastering reggae music
audio mastering techno music
techno music audio master
audio mastering deep house
audio mastering soul music
audio mastering dance music
audio mastering reggae music
reggae music mastering audio
funk music audio master
mastering techno music
techno music audio master
deep house music audio mastering
indie rock audio master
Hip Hop Music Mastering Audio
Rock Music Audio Mastering
Trip Hop Audio Master
audio master techno music
mastering audio soul music
Acoustic Jazz Audio Master
rock and roll audio mastering
audio mastering rock music
soul music audio master
audio mastering rock music
mastering audio bhangra music
audio mastering drum and bass