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What is Audio Mastering?


Audio Mastering

Mastering Audio is the last stage of music production. Engineer appraises the material from a technical point of view, to give it a final polish before duplication. In case of an album, all its elements are being brought together to make them sound as a... (read more here)

Audio Mastering

Online Mixing and Mastering


Online Mixing and Mastering

There really is only one but key difference between a traditional mastering studio and one that offers their services solely online - the clients are never present during the mastering process. They cannot instantly react to the... (read more here)

Online Mastering

Ordering a Job


Ordering a Job

It is super easy. Whether it is Audio Mixing, Mix Review, Free Sample or Mastering Audio, you simply use the Job Order. It is an online application created by us allowing to upload the mix, make payment and submit order, all in one place... (read more here)

How to Order?